Global Government, a Nice Ideology – or a Brave Way Forward ?

I’m fascinated by how humans have evolved and progressed and their relationship to the environment. Without this knowledge how can we begin to understand our current situation let alone how to move forward with equity and compassion for each other and the planet? It’s like a huge Maypole – planet Earth the pole, standing strong; the ribbons are nations, each fringed by sub-cultures, belief systems and political and economic structures which have developed over centuries. Unlike the May dance which is planned and choreographed, these ribbons of civilization had no blueprint and stepped out according to will, clashing and entwining with one another until they have become inextricably linked in one almighty tangle.

Now we have this great global knot placing intolerable strain on the environment which threatens to topple the delicate balance of the pole itself. How can nations, with their various historical and contemporary complexities, come together to ensure quality of life for all citizens, wildlife and the environment? How are finite resources, faced with increasing demand, to be shared? Our scientists overwhelmingly concluded last week in the IPCC report that climate change is real and whether or not we agree on it’s cause, we have to adapt to a warmer future.  As nations rush to protect and secure their own economic destinies through the promotion of consumerism and engagement in 21st century empire building, how can we make sense of and ease this worldwide tangle enabling us to move forward with equity?

Is there now a case for serious consideration of some kind of global ‘government’, whose members forgo their nationality to become citizens representing the planet ?  The challenges we face are demanding and the urgency to forge something healthy and sustainable serves only to intensify my passion to engage in a new and enlightened way forward.  We only have to look to the Easter Island story as detailed by Jared Diamond in his fascinating book Collapse, to see how easily a civilization can determine it’s own demise through failure to acknowledge facts and adjust it’s way of life accordingly.  Humans have a resistance to change, it has either happened slowly over generations or dramatically through war, disease or environmental ‘disasters’ , but we are surprisingly adaptable. For the first time in history, we’re aware of what is happening across the planet and we have the knowledge to predict what the likely outcome will be if we continue to tread the path we’re on.  But this also gives us a great opportunity to make wise choices.

Global government, a nice ideology – or a brave way forward ?