At 50 plus I find myself with more unanswered questions than I started my adult life with.  A career in finance, followed by another in the charitable sector satisfied nothing more than a practical need to support myself – which, given the economic difficulties of contemporary life, I realise I was lucky to have.  But the dreams I set out to chase thirty years ago were not necessarily my own but those of the era, encouraged and rewarded by the society in which I lived.

Sometimes writer and taking tentative steps into the world of painting, my dreams now are less about personal advancement and more about respecting this beautiful planet and the destiny of mankind upon and within it.  But I do have a desire to share some of the thoughts which tease my mind. I’m fascinated by human development as we advance deeper into the 21st century and our relationship within and to the natural environment. My aim is not to persuade or influence but rather to promote reflection and perhaps a discussion or two. Maybe it is mere self indulgence or just possibly I may have something useful to say once in a while.